by evan625

I read an incredible story about a 101-year-old woman with dementia. She had a stroke in her 80’s which seemed to be the cause of her debilitating illness. She cannot remember where she is or who she met yesterday, but It’s been said she can play over 400 songs on the piano by memory.


Ever dance around the house while listening to some good old R&B or Jazz.  We’re all guilty of it, the feeling that comes over you when you hear a song that makes you feel so good, it can actually put you in a state of euphoria.

Depending on the type of music, how fast or slow, it can help to mend one’s state of mind. Most music lovers tend to look at it as entertainment. But, it has been proven that music is definitely good for healing the soul. People who go into music therapy talk about how rewarding it is to help patients recover their speech after a Stroke or reduce the stress levels of chemotherapy through the technique of music therapy.

Music has been known to help with Depression. Researchers in Finland found that stroke victims who listened to music 2 hours a day showed remarkable improvement in their memory and attention span.

Think about it, when you hear a favorite song, it can take you back to a good place in your life. Music can stimulate the mind and sooth the soul. Music is a universal language that appeals to all of us.

Billy Joel, a favorite musician of mine once said,  “I think music in itself is healing, it’s an explosive expression of Humanity, it’s something we all are touched by, no matter what culture we’re from”.

So, the next time you are feeling a little down or less energetic (of course ruling out any serious problem) put on some good old soothing R&B or Jazz. It’s nice to know there is something enjoyable and therapeutic out there you can do to improve your state of mind and even your health.

Remember the O’Jays song ” I Love Music, music is the healing voice of the world “



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