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There is a lot of misconception about R&B music dying. Although, there are many styles of music similar to R&B such as Rock-n-Roll, Reggae, Rap and Hip -Hop, the drop in R&B’s popularity and the impact it once had; has caused great concern to R&B Fans.

There were lots of R&B vocalists that used to be #1 chart-toppers in the country. But now they seem to have lost their way on the charts as record sales have plummeted to a significant low. Their presence on radio overall is virtually invisible.  So, what happened to this groove of music (Otis Redding, Al Wilson, Percy Sledge, Mary Wilson, the Four Tops etc) that once was, or is it still here?

BackBeat R&B intends to formulate a plan to bring strong feelings back to the Soul. Let’s go back to a song that can make you feel all tingly inside and romantic. 


Al Wilson’s #1 Hit record,” Show and Tell” was a soul classic that many people were conceived from but probably have forgotten. Very romantic and sexy, yet a song one could dance to. Backbeat R&B wants to give good old R&B music an uplift by making people aware of the demise of this genre of classical Soul.

Yes, Classical Soul because of the spirit and vitality R&B gives you. Every one of us can identify with an R&B song that reminds you of your first love, kiss or relationship. Most Baby Boomers can remember the words to many of the old-school songs locked in their long-term memory.

The next time someone says R&B is dying,  pull out some of those good old R&B chart-toppers and resurrect their Soul to keep R&B alive.

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