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One of my best picks is Martha’s Vineyard  http://mvol.com/. I remember as a kid in the 60’s, we would vacation there for a week with my parents and siblings. I loved taking the ferry over. As a child riding the ferry was magical, it transformed us from the Projects of East New York  to a place of clean fresh air, blue sky and lots to do. We had so much fun and it had become a family vacation spot every summer until I reached 14. We were able to do this because my uncle worked for a boss who owned property there. He allowed my uncle to vacation in one of the 2 properties he owned every summer. I would see a host of family members who also travel there to visit us.

MEMORIES  woman looking at water

I have fond memories of the home in Oak Bluffs Ma. It was a lot of fun bunking up in sleeping bags, you slept wherever you could find a spot on the floor. We looked forward to getting up and smelling the big breakfast my mom and aunts made for us. After breakfast they would tell us kids to go outside and play. Best days ever in my life, enough of the nostalgia.



In May 2014, I decided to go back (After all these years)  for a quick getaway and of course my husband who had never been there agreed to the trip because he had never been to Martha’s Vineyard .  He heard so much about it and thought it would be a great 3 day trip. Since it was a last minute trip, we decided to fly. Jet-blue was the flight of choice but, Delta goes there too. From NY, Martha’s Vineyard is approximately 5 hours by Ferry ,6 hours by car and 1 hour 15 minutes by plane . Let me tell you a secret, it was actually cheaper by plane.  ZGF.Blue-Sky_1445125606

Anyway, I had reservations for the Kelly House Hotel , http://www.kelley-house.com/ located in Edgar-town, Ma. I did some research and found out that Edgar town is one of the oldest towns in Martha’s Vineyard and very historical.  I picked this Hotel because  the movie “Jaws” was filmed there in June 1975.  I was always fascinated with the movie and since my husband and I like trivia history we both thought this would be a great pick. The Kelly Hotel  is very quaint and has a lot of old style charm. On Martha’s Vineyard it is less than a 5 minute walk from Edgar town Harbor.  There are a variety of waterfront activities that one can do, and is just a five-minute walk or bike ride to any activity of this cozy historical town. There are many eateries in Martha’s Vineyard, too many to name and the night life is oh so romantic,especially since the Kids are grown; get it Ladies. So, come on down to Martha’s Vineyard , put your head phones on, listen to some good old Smooth Jazz or R&B and enjoy, you will love it loved it !




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