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Back Beat R&B Spotlight: Freda Payne

by evan625

Image Credit: Wilki
Everyone remembers Detroit Michigan’s R&B singer the beautiful Freda Payne. Ms Payne is a multi-talented entertainer who got her start singing commercial jiggles for radio, local tv and talent shows.

Let BackBeatrnb take you back to her 1970’s #1 hit single ” Band of Gold”. She did not want to record the song at first because of the subject matter. Ms Payne thought the song was about a sexually naive woman or virgin and felt it was more suitable for a mature person. She objected to the song and did not like the lyrics. She was told by the co-writer of the song to “just sing it, you don’t have to like it”. ¬†Little did she know the song would become a popular hit and give her her first record of Gold.

Freda Payne’s second hit Gold record was Bring the Boys Home. This song was written during the war in Vietnam. It’s about protesting the end of the war and bringing the young men home who were sent to fight. Since the release of Bring the boys Home in 1971, Freda Payne remains active with singing engagements,acting and even hosting her own talk show in 1981 called ” Today’s Black Woman.

In 2009, Freda Payne sang Band of Gold on American Idol and Feb 2010 she joined Kanye West, Jordan Sparks, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Barbara Streisand and many others on the Haiti relief for “We are The World” .

Let BackBeatrnb continue to keep you updated on any concert engagements, tours etc that she may be a part of and take you back in the day.


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